Why Us?

Matrix247 offers to take complete responsibility for your organisation’s Telecoms, Mobile Comms and Data Comms. By offering advice and sharing knowledge at board-level where required, Matrix247 look to align your business strategy with a shared communication vision. Our goal is to ensure your customers and staff receive a communication experience which exceeds expectation. Whilst keeping on-going running costs to a minimum.

Our real strength is listening to your company?s strategy in the short, medium and long term and having the capability to deliver a converged communications solution utilising appropriate products and services within our extensive portfolio whilst ensuring your business receives the fastest return on investment available.

We offer to support your management team on a journey that starts with understanding the solutions on offer, making sure that they make commercial business sense, right through to ensuring timely delivery.

Come and visit us, experience demonstrations on your recommended solutions and see them working in a completely converged environment.

Our mission

Unparalleled Advice: Outstanding Service Commitment

Home and remote based workers are now highly visible members of your team, whose real-time activity can be measured in exactly the same way as internal on-premise staff. This provides a truly transparent link to an outside caller.

Matrix247 offers the ability to not only receive all possible mediums of communication from any-device any-where, but also pays attention to both on-going operating costs whilst wrapping a strong element of security and fraud protection into the proposed communications solutions.

Work-life balance is a key motivator when looking to recruit or retain staff. There are many professionals that desperately wish to work and use skills that previous employers have invested thousands of pounds in, but just cannot work full-time hours when factoring journey times to and from the office.

By understanding your present and future business strategy, Matrix247 can assist in designing the perfect communication network for your business blending broadband, private leased lines, the latest in SIP and IP telephony call-routing and the Mobile GSM network to deliver a flexible solution with the lowest of on-going operating costs, ensuring business continuity is inherent across your multiple locations.