Thistle Manor



  • FREE Local and National Calls
  • FREE Fraud Protection
  • Savings against current Call Rates
  • Voicemails can be sent as an attachment to email inboxes
  • The new system will support music/information on hold
  • 3 Additional handsets will be deployed into the communal areas for the residents to use.
  • Large screen display handsets for all users, with full caller ID showing the originating number of the call.


Based in Clitheroe, Thistle Manor is a residential care home offering hospital-equivalent levels of care. They provide recovery-focused care to both male and female adults who have a primary mental health diagnosis. Through personalised care plans and detailed risk assessments, they enable individuals to think about, plan and achieve meaningful goals.

The care home previously had an end-of-life phone system meaning there was no longer any support in place. Therefore, the company needed a new, reliable system to maintain close relationships with hospitals, surgeries and pharmacies over the phone.

The Solution

Their new phone system will replace the existing ISDN lines with a SIP secure link dedicated for telephone calls, delivering FREE calls to UK landline numbers and significantly reduced rates to UK mobiles. BT Openreach has stated that by 2025 ISDN telephone lines will be being discontinued. ?SIP? lines are currently being rolled out to customers opting for new telephone systems. Matrix247 SIP lines carry a network guarantee so Thistle Manor will be able to make/receive as many concurrent calls as they wish at all times. This provides Fraud Protection to the care home and also enhanced resiliency with disaster recovery diverts set up.

The new phone system also has a programmable memory, allowing all users to ?click to dial? a number from the screen of their PC. This enables busy care workers to make calls faster to residents’ loved ones as well as their suppliers. Thistle Manor’s new telephone system also supports ?Caller ID? which screen pops the account of that inbound caller if the number is recognised within their CRM. This screen pop can occur automatically and display fields of information about the inbound call e.g. first name and previous notes. This enables a personal, warmer greeting to the customer enhancing client experience.

Carers will be able to operate a ?one number? approach, meaning inbound callers need only ring a single number to get hold of an individual. The system is intelligent enough to route calls to employees whether they are in the care home or mobile. This will assist in providing personalised service, especially when working with high pressure/stressful patient cases.

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