ARE YOU AWARE OF HOW COMPETITORS ARE GETTING MORE BUSINESS? Revolutionising the future of forward thinking professional services companies, a hosted?telecoms platform is the most resourceful approach to everyday communication demands. Realise your full business potential by utilising a suite of features specific to your sector whether estate agents, architects, insurance company or law firm.

By having your telecoms system sitting securely in the ?cloud?, your company will receive the highest level of automatic back-up as standard to avoid any chance of ?downtime? regularly associated with traditional telephone and so eliminates any issues caused by faulty hardware on your premises. It is also great as an inbuilt disaster recovery plan.?Your hosted telecom system is consistently maintained and kept up-to-date at no extra fee. If you want to avoid big up-front costs and regular maintenance payments, then hosted telecoms is for you.



  • Mobile phone becomes an extension of your desk phone
  • Wholesale pricing on Mobile Devices
  • Superfast Broadband Depending on your Postcode
  • Quickly adapt to cope with seasonal demands
  • Integrate with other business applications
  • Help improve employee collaboration and productivity
  • Enhance customer service delivery
  • Offer disaster recovery provisions as standard

The professional services sector is highly competitive, and no organisation can afford to stand still. This not only means adapting and developing your business processes, but also the technology that underpins them. If your business is still using ISDN, it could be reducing your efficiency and competitiveness. By making the move to a hosted telecommunications solution you have the ability to deliver better customer service and improve employee productivity.

Let your business become local to all prospective clients. Your company can display a different geographical number when staff dial out to correspond to the location they are dialling to.?Your business can also advertise different telephone numbers in each geographical location, however, all calls will arrive in the same office.
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