GP surgeries and health centres require a friendly, prompt and efficient service. When patients are calling with concerns they will expect a quick response to their call, therefore the telephony solution that is chosen must accommodate these requirements. Most practices struggle trying to find a balance between efficient,?cost-effective?yet simply?automated patient self-booking systems. However, making sure those patients requiring more personal communication retain that option.

Matrix247 Medical have developed, along with key partners in the fields of telephony, mobile devices, data-networks and security, solutions that significantly?decrease unnecessary stress & pressure on practice staff, whilst improving their efficiency??naturally improving patient handling & communication. The question is how can staff cope with the extended hours and extra workload they are expected to honour with the increased pressure being put on them due to the availability of healthcare providers.



  • Reduce ?Did Not Attends?
  • Integrate Existing Clinical Database
  • Ease Stress & Pressure on Receptionists
  • Reduce Communication Costs
  • Promote YOUR Practice 24/7 for FREE
  • Improve Work-life Balance for GPs & Staff
  • Dedicated Appointment Mailbox
  • Intelligent Call Handling

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The last thing healthcare professionals want is to cause upset or stress to patients or staff by delivering a frustrating telephone experience, yet that is exactly what an inadequate system can create. Many calls within a surgery could require urgent attention. An effective telephony system can ensure certain calls can be prioritised and patients are not left waiting on hold for long periods of time, particularly in an emergency situation. Our Medical Sector solutions help ease the ever-increasing pressure placed on reception staff while streamlining day-to-day tasks.

Most healthcare professionals are already using their own mobile devices to text co-workers about job-related topics. Texting is an extremely fast and efficient way to communicate on the job. It helps staff avoid the delays and frustrations associated with unanswered phone calls and telephone tag.?However, unless texting capabilities are implemented in a way that complies with regulatory requirements, these communications can put information security and privacy at risk.

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