Whether your organisation is involved in casework, service inspections, transfer of goods or first response services, our aim is to improve collaboration between your staff and to your customers whilst reducing the duplication of processes. Even if you’re a local company or a multi-national enterprise, enhancing productivity and increasing cost savings can be a huge challenge.

Quickly and remotely identify, diagnose and repair issues to minimise downtime. With no need to call out specialist engineers, repairs can be carried out quickly and efficiently by connecting via video comms to the relevant engineer, saving money and time. Within seconds be connected to engineers and employees at different locations to solve problems and keep customers happy. Also, enhance customer experience by meeting clients face-to-face via video to show them documents, explain proposals, blueprints whilst reducing travel time by getting straight to work.


  • Improve efficiency & productivity
  • Increase go-to-market time with less errors
  • Streamline communication between employees and suppliers
  • Stay connected between all locations
  • Better manage your companies supply-chain
  • Reduce wasted time
  • Communicate with global suppliers

Have you looked at your employees (field & back-office) service applications lately? Are your engineers/field techs getting tired of jumping back and forth between mobile apps, diallers, text windows, video players and more to get their jobs done?

Whether you want to better manage your supply chain, improve connectivity across multiple locations or reduce wasted time and resources, Matrix247 technologies are tailored to meet your goals.


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Our Other Sectors

Matrix247 can provide a vast array of benefits to a number of sectors including legal, professional services, medical, education and others, through decades of understanding what the needs, regulatory requirements and challenges to overcome are.