We are able to provide telecoms or VoIP phone systems, business mobile and business broadband solutions for hundreds of law firms. Matrix247 assist growth through a focused communication strategy aligned with existing business plans. Furthermore, the results increase clients instruction, enhancing brand reputation and profits. Subsequently, this has led to us becoming an award winning business communications provider across the north west and the UK .

Our solutions enable agile working and assist with security and risk management principals. This ensures Unnecessary and unsustainable operating costs are eliminated.

Offering advice and sharing knowledge at board-level if required, we look to align your business strategy with a shared communication vision. Our goal is to ensure your customers and staff receive a communication experience that exceeds expectation. Whilst keeping on-going costs to a minimum! We are in the business of maximising conversion ratios of inbound enquiries to client meetings by providing management information on all types of inbound multi-media communications. We also ensure existing money spent by law firms on marketing is optimised for the greatest return for the law firm and client experience.



  • Converging desktop phones and mobile devices so fee earners can use any device
  • Integration of call recording and messages into existing case and practice management systems
  • Integration of Microsoft Calendars and Global Address Books into the telephony system
  • Complete awareness of staff and partner status when communicating with clients
  • Enhanced responsive customer service delivering the optimum in client satisfaction
  • Agile working solutions coupled with management information reporting/awareness reporting to attract the best and highest quality fee-earning talent

Matrix247 assists law firms through a Communications Audit report split into three sections.

1: Identify all possible savings across the Tele-Comms, Mobile-Comms and Data-Comms landscape of the firm.
2: Help for COLPs: Conduct a Communications Assessment to ensure compliance with the SRA regulations. Options to build-in back-up, resilience and security across Tele-Comms, Mobile-Comms and Data Comms. We help with disaster recovery and business continuity plans.
3: Share what successful law firms are doing to enhance communication with existing and prospective clients. Including benefits of integrating any existing case and practice management systems to your telecoms system.

Many successful law firms have call reporting software which automatically provides reports to heads of departments, so the firm can see statistics on best staff, lost calls, talk time (so can accurately bill) and receive the following benefits:


  • Save money immediately by identifying under-usage of existing services.
  • Replicate your best fee earners by automatically delivering management trend information. How are staff speaking to clients on the phone? Copy the best!
  • Quickly call back missed client enquiries by presenting management with unreturned lost call information.

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