By partnering with a communications provider who specialises in the hospitality sector, Matrix247 can help your organisation build a personalised, efficient and effortless guest experience. From ease of check-in to faster room turnaround, ensure you have unified ways to exceed your guests? expectations.

Your hospitality telecommunications system is much more than just wake-up calls. Boost your employee?s productivity, guest satisfaction and profits. Seamless communication is undeniably a significance for every successful hotel and restaurant. Matrix247 provide flexible, scalable and secure communications, optimised to meet the needs of the hospitality sector.



  • Prioritise calls by tagging VIPs and special guests (on their honeymoon/regular guests) so employees can greet the customer appropriately enhancing guest experience.
  • Provide mobile devices to employees to ensure staff are unified in times of fire alarms, special events and day-to-day running of the organisation.
  • Allow guests to browse the internet on the handset to find local attractions.

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