The education sector must consider many factors when introducing a new telephone system such as resilience, safety and efficiency. The phone system supports the day-to-day operations of a school, so it is crucial it has specific features and functions.

Our voice and data solutions have been designed with the demands of educational institutions in mind. Private, ultra-secure and resilient communications, that don?t distract from the task at hand.

We understand the challenges of designing networks and implementing cloud technologies at schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutions. Staff, students and parents expect systems which are not only safe, efficient and future-proofed; but importantly, are stable enough to communicate with you during peak or emergency periods.

Our on-premise and cloud-based solutions are designed in collaboration with your key stakeholders, and with all these considerations in mind. For Higher Education, our phone systems are directly connected with SalesForce Higher Ed (amongst others) to help you grow and maintain relationships with students.


  • Authorisation Codes: ensure no students can tamper with the phones & premium numbers are barred
  • Auto Attendant: When calling into the school, parents can leave messages to report their child’s absence or lateness saving time
  • Announcements:?Can be easily recorded by staff and played in the event of any cancellations or school closure
  • Queueing: can provide an intelligent, friendly way of dealing with calls even during the busiest periods
  • Limit Disruptions: by blacklisted unwanted and malicious callers
  • Efficient Communications with Parents:?Allow parents to easily contact a particular year groups available teaching staff reducing stress on receptionists

Having the ability to prioritise calls is a must. The nature of a school environment means that particular calls will place a greater priority than others, and the system must be able to cope with this demand. The main challenge for schools is selecting a telephony system that has the high quality features required within a set budget.

Accommodate students with disabilities with video comms to ensure they don?t miss out on any important modules and they have the ability to keep up to speed with the rest of the students.

There are many features which also benefit a teacher directly, such as:

  • Safety: page all phones in case of emergencies or other announcements; and set access codes to prevent misuse of desk-phones, restricting chargeable phone calls.
  • Quick Transition: iPhone app and call feature allow teachers to easily transition from a call with a parent or on their telephone to their mobile device.
  • Personal Mailbox: Every extension includes a personal mailbox and voicemails can be accessed from a phone, email or mobile application meaning teachers no longer have to rely?on secretaries to pass messages on.
  • Instant Messaging: If the teachers work via laptops or computers, instant messaging is available enabling them to quickly speak to colleagues.
  • Integration: staff can dial students, staff and parents directly from the corporate directory.
  • Dispute Resolution:?with call?recording.

Teacher and student safety is paramount and therefore a communication system that enables the staff and students to be safe at school is imperative. Schools need a reliable, resilient phone system and if there is ever an occasion the phone system doesn?t work the way it is designed to, a disaster recovery plan is needed. It is vital that messages can be left so that issues can be dealt with quickly and efficiently.

We realise that no two networks are the same, but the planning process needn?t be cumbersome. Matrix247 can help you every step of the way on your IT transformation journey; and we?ve made the purchasing process painless too, without the need to tender via full OJEU.


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