Contact Centres

Matrix247 has over 750 clients and has intelligently designed call centre platforms for over the last three decades. We believe in giving your customers a choice in how they wish to communicate with you. We work to create strategic partnerships with our clients and share information on how to build a multi-channel communication solution for your customers with a fast-measured ROI for you.

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Installing call handling software in your organisation greatly benefits management with real-time information dashboards. Employees will achieve fantastic results when using our automated dialling software to increase talk time and productivity daily. Our software is suitable for inbound and outbound contact centres and improves your customer experience.

By adopting multi-channel call handling software, our clients gain many benefits. This includes natural increases in annual profits and satisfied customers. We improve your employee engagement by developing coaching and communication capabilities, mindset and resilience skills. Why not reduce staff attrition rates whilst increasing engagement and success rates and enhancing customer experience?



  • Commercially driven & focused
  • ROI in weeks and months, not years
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Save time and money by reducing manual processes
  • Mapping your customer journey
  • Expert integration = competitive advantage
  • Inbound & Outbound Solutions
  • Replicate your best agent

Your allocated Matrix247 team will work alongside your management team both in planning, execution and on a continual basis to constantly improve measured contact centre KPI’s. Our aim is to make your company as profitable as possible, whilst ensuring your staff and clients  experience in communicating is second to none.

Visit our Contact Centres Website