Removing the Barriers to Communication

Only 16% of inbound interactions in the housing sector are via email*. This means the remaining 84% is done through an array of different channels such as phone call, web-chat, SMS text message or social media. Integrate your communication applications to one dashboard, enabling a single view of all your tenant’s interactions with your organisation.

Are you constantly switching screens and devices to communicate with tenants over a range of media channels? With no need to change existing platforms, you can see all tenant communications in a single screen.

The multi-media dashboard allows the social housing sector to provide a significantly better experience for its employees and more importantly the tenant. Staff will be now able to view over 30 different applications in one dashboard, enabling a single view of tenant interactions, regardless of what media channel they have used. From Facebook Messenger to email, interactions can be managed effortlessly, while delivering a more personalised tenant journey.


How do you know which media channel to invest your marketing money in? Track trends over media channels that your tenants are using to increase engagement and growth. See which communication channels are working for your social housing organisation to measure return on investment.

Multi-media allows social housing organisations to monitor and report which media channels are converting and leading to engagement. Marketing budgets can also be amended to reflect the channel that the tenant wants to communicate with.

  • Increase first-time resolution with tenants: Analyse conversation topics and trends via keyword tagging e.g. ‘boiler replacement’. This means any conversations that reference the keyword (e.g. “boiler replacement”, “new boiler”, “broken boiler”) will be automatically tagged, routed to the correct member of staff and reported on accordingly.
  • Complaint handling & escalations are reduced: Single view of the tenant makes it easier to deal with a tenants case, rather than being transferred from department to department, quickly without repetition with a single member of staff contact resolution.
  • Improve Tenant Experience: Tenants have a choice of the channel to use and when they contact their housing providers allowing for faster responses and more opportunities to ‘self-serve’ so they become less reliant on the organisation.​​
  • Smart Routing: Deliver interactions from any channel to the right person, in one single inbox with a full history of engagement. Put your customer in touch with the person who is best placed to help, with all of the information they need at their fingertips and turn every contact into a great customer experience.
  • Customer Experience Management: Set up processes and teams and manage this in real-time, with the ability to share ideas, provide management assistance where needed and access 360 reporting. Equip your business with the tools to deliver great customer journeys across a complex engagement landscape.
  • Engage your Customers Anywhere: Switch on new services as and when your business needs them to deliver a unified experience. Your customers don’t care how they have tried to contact you, they only care that you respond and deliver an experience that exceeds expectations.

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