Hosted/Cloud Telecoms

A hosted telecom solution provides the same features and benefits of a traditional on-premise telephone system. However, most of the infrastructure is held in the cloud within a core network and a secure data centre. Therefore, removing the need to host the PBX equipment on site.

We will provide full support including training, number porting, provisioning and assistance giving you complete peace of mind with your hosted telecoms solution.

Receiving your telecom solutions via a ‘hosted’ model can be an addition to your company’s existing telecom system by adding extra features such as call recording on a cost per user per month model.

A hosted telecoms solution is perfect for an organisation with homeworkers or staff on the move that need to work productively whilst away from the office. Discover the benefits of a simple, flexible, hosted telephone system and how it can easily improve your business communications:

  • Perfect for Home & Flexible Working
  • Get New Features Immediately – Receive updates automatically over the cloud
  • One Supplier – Makes your life easier
  • Low Monthly Payments – No capital outlay
  • Multi-Site Deployment – Only one system to buy
  • Highly Reliable & Scalable – A phone system that can scale easily as you grow
  • Enhance Client Experience – Integrate your CRM system & provide personalised greetings
  • Increase Return on Marketing Spend – With multi-media dashboards
  • Secure – With disaster recovery built-in
  • Agile Working Solutions – Attract highest quality talent

Full Solution

Telecom features are available on a ‘pay-as-you-use’ model per-user including call recording, auto-attendant, desktop assistant, hunt groups, disaster recovery options, twinning and end-user profiling. More applications are currently being developed including mobile client applications, fixed mobile convergence, outlook integration and CRM integration for Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce etc.

Flexible & Reliable

The hosted solution adapts to your individual circumstances which are ideal for multi-location and home-based, remote working. Also, hosted telecoms offers highly reliable and scalable solutions with external platforms located in a fully resilient format in two separate geographical provider owned data centres, and on a fully owned and operated carrier-grade network. This ensures you have service no matter what happens.

Simple Administration

Our solution allows all administration to be done by you through a simple web-based control panel. You can manage your system from anywhere in the world, applying changes to individual sites as they are needed.

Disaster Recovery

The solution acts as an excellent telecoms disaster recovery and telecoms business continuity model. There are none of the worries of having equipment sitting in your offices, such as theft, security and damage from disasters. Our solutions have fire protection, biometric security, 24/7 monitoring, and redundant internet connections to help you cope in the event of bad weather, power blackout, fire, water damage, and internet connection problems.

“IMD Solicitors LLP is a multi-lingual full-service law firm that truly understands the need to communicate with our clients without legal jargon and in their own language. With respect to the latter, Matrix247 has definitely overcome and delivered on many challenges for us to ensure that our clients speak with the right department from the very outset. This was seamlessly done and dedicated lines for our English, Polish, Russian, Romanian, Latvian, Slovakian and Czech services were quickly put in place along with auto-attendant messages in each language. Huge thank you to the knowledgeable and friendly team that looks after us, we look to forward to continuing our relationship with you. – Amber Holt, Marketing & Client Relationship Manager, IMD Solicitors LLP