Maximise customer experience with Conversational AI

Deliver a Better Customer Experience for a Lower Overall Cost: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and conversational AI is starting to become an instrumental role in the evolution of customer service and the overall customer experience – helping reduce the overall customer effort and meeting the ever-rising expectations of the ‘always-on-access’ customers, who instinctively want to self-manage on their own terms.

Unlike normal chatbots and a lot of AI assistants, this solution can be deployed on SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Twitter direct messages, giving you unparalleled reach so that you can meet your customers wherever they are.

Studies show that not all interaction between a customer and a business is via a telephone. Channel choices on how people interact with your business are:

  • 57% Live Chat
  • 60% Email
  • 62% Telephone
  • 51% Online Knowledge Base
  • 34% Click-to-Call
  • 8% Social Media

Research has been done to ensure there are conversational AI personas that understand domains of knowledge for each vertical market, such as legal, insurance and contact centres… with defined common processes and prospect and customer enquiry resolution paths fully mapped. Using these personas as a starting point enables your organisation to retain control of the brand experience, without having to “start from scratch” to define the conversational AI experience.

How many conversations are you missing? Having conversational AI on your website is proven to sell more while reducing costs. You only know about the customers that contact you, or who are willing to wait to connect with a member of staff. Don’t let any business slip away and generate more sales by letting the chatbot speak with the ones you aren’t getting to.

  • Increase customer engagement.
  • Increase and maximise sales leads.
  • Increase employee satisfaction.
  • Reduce peak time pressures in your organisation.
  • Allow staff to spend time on complex or high-value interactions.

Be available for customers 24/7

Doing business doesn’t need to be saved for opening hours. Let your customers connect with your business at a time that suits them. The chatbot uses natural language and answers in your brand tone, meaning your customers get a consistently excellent experience.

It isn’t just a ‘chat bot’

Once plugged in, the conversational AI chatbot will work to learn your business, further develop its industry sector knowledge and will intelligently output information instantly. The hardest worker in your organisation, this conversational AI chatbot enables customers to self-serve, and helps prequalify potential customers and so increases sales teams’ effectiveness.

  • Integrate with your CRM system
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Natural language conversations
  • The conversational AI will learn and retain your content – the more it chats the more intelligent it becomes.
  • Considers staff availability and urgency before assigning conversations
  • Responses are not predefined
  • Knows who and how to ask for help in your company
  • Single dashboard view of performance and reporting
  • Seamless transfer to other channels and detailed handover to other members of staff

If this is something you would like to incorporate into your business, contact us today on 0345 362 0 247 or email to organise a free demonstration with one of our specialists who will show you how conversational AI can fit into your organisation.

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