Call Reporting

Not physically seeing staff in the office day-to-day presents a number of challenges. By being able to extract call reporting management reports from the phone system such as missed calls, time taken to answer calls, whether staff are or are NOT answering calls etc, it helps management ensure the business and its staff can perform in the exact same way as they do when they are IN the office.

Respond immediately to real-time call report data and adjust resources accordingly. Retrieve missed calls and potential lost revenue, all in real-time. This allows you to boost productivity and improve the overall performance of your organisation.

Most organisations don’t really have an accurate grasp of their own call volume, other than looking at their phone bill. If just one feature can increase efficiencies or save man-hours, it will more than pay for the cost of the solution in a short amount of time.

  • No Missed Calls: When are the busy periods for your business? Management Information will enable your phone system to route calls so no prospective client or customer calls will be missed.
  • Identify your Customer’s Journey: How long are they ringing in reception, how long was a caller placed on hold, did the call get through to a department, how long did the department take to answer the call, how many calls received by each department… the process can then be managed.
  • Get Reports Anytime, Anywhere: Allow directors to see the productivity of their workforce and the call statistics for each department whilst on-the-go.

Call reports can be generated via an administrator web portal where hundreds of reports are available to pull off at will. Popular reports include any and all historical reports by user, date, time telephone number, unreturned lost calls, current active calls, abandoned calls and more. Reports are also full cradle to grave, showing the route of a call from the first answer, showing who it was transferred to within the company until its final destination.

The call reporting software is all cloud-based, meaning our service is quick and easy to deploy with no need for expensive hardware purchases.