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With the demise of traditional ISDN lines due to the upcoming BT ?switching off ?, the Matrix Nimbus hosted telecom solution provides greater features with more benefits than a traditional on-premise telephone system. By 2023, BT have stated the UK ISDN infrastructure will no longer be technically supported.

Organisations currently making and receiving calls over ISDN telephone lines need to ensure their current telephone system will connect to SIP (Session Internet Protocol) trunk phone lines, routing calls securely through fibre data-links. If not, a wise consideration would be to invest in upgrading their telephone system as this will bring huge benefits. Matrix247 provides full support including training, number porting, provisioning and assistance giving you complete peace of mind with your Nimbus solution. Receive the following benefits with your telephone system in the cloud:



  • Agile Working Solutions
  • Locate Any Refunds Due from Existing Suppliers
  • Secure with Disaster Recovery
  • Mobile Device can be an extension of Desk Phone (hyperlink mobile)
  • Train Staff ? Link Call Recordings to CRM System or client record databases
  • Free Local & National Calls
  • Free Call Management ? See who?s calling in and out
  • No Phone System, No Maintenance Required


Modern businesses need modern communications to thrive. Technology can improve business communications allowing organisations to compete with much larger businesses and grow without having the invest heavily in new offices, recruiting more staff and buying more equipment. Rising customer service expectations are often judged by phone call experiences. Many customers still prefer having a phone call when dealing with issues, so if your phone system doesn?t deliver the experience they desire, your customers could soon become someone else?s. 73% of customers think calling is the most effective for a quick response, but 53% are irritated if they don?t speak to a real person immediately. ?

By 2020, over 70% of UK organisations will have adopted flexible working ?. Today?s workforces are increasingly dispersed, but they still need to communicate and collaborate effectively. If employees don?t have access to the tools they need, their productivity is harmfully impacted. A hosted telecomms phone system enables employees to work wherever, whenever and with mobile applications they will still appear as though they are in the office.

? A nation of serial switchers, NewVoiceMedia, 2014
? Working anywhere, a winning formula for good work? Feb 2016, The Work Foundation

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