Mobile Comms

We can provide a comprehensive FREE analysis and report of your organisations existing mobile contracts and bundles in place to create an asset register for you.

Having the flexibility to bring together to a single start date all mobile devices that may have been procured on many various dates historically as your organisation has grown, Matrix247 Mobile can settle outstanding contracts and incorporate suggestions to deliver the latest security and fraud protection with online web billing, email alerts and telephone system integration.

We can supply and advise your organisation all the latest mobile phones and tablet devices. Appropriate cost-saving mobile data bolt-ons using one or several of the mobile carriers Vodafone, 02, EE and 3, all on a single contract if required ensuring staff, partners and directors receive the very best signal possible no matter how remote their location.

Existing mobiles and numbers many be retained, even if changing network carrier. Landline telephone numbers may be selected and overlaid onto mobile numbers enabling callers to ring office-based numbers only. This provides greater flexibility and inbound call-routing options for a better client and mobile user experience.

European and global world travellers benefit from personalised packages set up individually, or for the organisation as a whole, to ensure the lowest cost mobile call and data transmissions for the counties visited most frequently.


  • Comprehensive free analysis and report of existing mobile contracts and costs
  • Lowest cost mobile data bolt-on’s for UK and Internationally
  • Retain existing mobiles and numbers if required with SIM only upgrades if needed
  • Online web billing and email alerts
  • Mobile cyber security and fraud protection with insurance options
  • 24 Hour loss and fault replacement service
  • Flexibility across mobile contracts ensuring best coverage for all users

All our mobile devices come with a very friendly helpdesk & support team to assist you in setting up, transferring address books and adding new applications. Matrix247 Platinum customers benefit from combining their mobile packages with their organisation’s landline calls to receive more significant additional savings.


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