Matrix247 Managed WiFi

Matrix247 Managed WiFi Solutions provide a seamless extension to your wired corporate network. This enables your organisation ever-present device connectivity in a secure and continuously monitored environment.

Management: Ensure business-critical applications perform as they should, and staff can operate without frustration.

Local Insight: Gain visibility of exactly who?s using your network, where they?re using it, how they?re using it and then gather their details.

Security: Fully-centralised control over who can and cannot use the network and what they can use it for.

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Benefits of Matrix247 WiFi

  • Automatic Optimisation ? WiFi is optimized automatically by listening and responding to channel utilisation, signal strength and interference.
  • User Level Settings ? Group your users and set different policies for different user groups. For example, you can restrict access for guests or employees? personal devices or prioritise VIP users.
  • Application Visibility & Control ? Get visibility of devices and applications in use, and the times and places where they are being used. You can then prioritise critical apps.
  • Location Analytics ? Gives you real-time location statistics that reveal powerful metrics such as visitor capture rate, user visit time and repeat visits by listening for wireless devices. This information can be used to improve customer engagement and loyalty across sites.