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What is MiFi?

Mobile Wi-Fi or MiFi is exactly what it sounds like. A portable WiFi router that you can take anywhere you like and keep you connected. Just like the standard WiFi router, you can connect multiple devices such as a mobile, laptop and tablet. Unlike the dongle device where only one device can be connected to the internet.

Is Mobile Business Broadband worth it for my business?

Employees who spend a lot of time travelling for work will find the 4G router device to be hugely beneficial. In addition, devices that rely on a WiFi connection such as a laptop or tablet will no longer have the problems of a slow connection in a hotel or on a train thanks to the portable WiFi router.

Are MiFi devices expensive?

No. We have various data deals to meet your requirements. Our prices start from just £11.00 per month.

Can I Use a Mobile WiFi Router at home?

Of course! Since the emergence of Covid-19 and the UK being put under a second lockdown, the UK’s workforce has had to adapt to working from home…and it has become clear that employees are going to be working from home for the foreseeable future. Your business is now dependent on your employees’ home WiFi in order for them to do the job. If your employees have families, they are more than likely going to be using the broadband too.  If your employees’ broadband speed isn’t up to scratch, then other family members streaming movies, playing on their games consoles, and having video calls could cause quite the problem. Our Portable WiFi allows your employees to get on with the job completely stress free.

Mobile Broadband Deals

Matrix247 have partnered with some of the UK’s leading broadband suppliers to provide you the most cost-effective mobile WiFi deals for your organisation. This means you can stop worrying about finding the perfect hotspot as we’ll make your sure you’re always online. Check out our 4G routers below.

4g router work as a portable wifi

         3GB Data             Was £22 per month –  NOW £11 per month

    50GB Data             Was £46 per month –  NOW £23 per month

            Unlimited Data       Was £60 per month –  NOW £30 per month



We can also provide your employees with a business-grade broadband connection for their home address, ensuring all online communications are secure. Contact us to find out more about how we can help on 0345 3620 247