Financial Freedom

With the Matrix247 Partnership we strive to help you grow a successful business. Gain the flexible working hours and financial freedom that you have always strived for.

Choose the perfect partnership for you:

  • Consultant Partnership:?Agent or Referrer
  • Company Partnership:?Portfolio Expansion Plan
  • Super Consultant Partnership:?Managing OWN partners

Step 1: Choose the Partnership for You

Create your own Communications Business with a ready-made portfolio suite to include access to our wholesale telecom and mobile carrier partnerships & direct agreements with global manufacturers and service providers.

Our product and service solutions include:

  • Cloud Telephony Solutions
  • SIP & Hosted deployments
  • Mobile phone and mobile data portfolio
  • Voice and data network services
  • Cyber security services
  • Energy cost reduction solutions

Step 2: Training Masterclass Workshops

As part of the Matrix247 Blueprint to Success, we have fine-tuned a well thought out training program to cover all bases. This is taken steadily over a couple of weeks to enable you to meet many members of the Matrix247 family who are there to continuously support you on your journey with us. The training consists of a number of workshops at our Headquarters in Lancashire.

  • Part 1: 1 day ? induction and portfolio overview
  • Part 2: 1 day ? help and advice in building your new business and a marketing masterclass
  • Part 3: 1 day ? pre-sales and post-sales information providing you guidance?on the tools and help available

Step 3: Your Partner Support Team

We aim to build your business pipeline within the first 3 months. This is the critical time period for getting those business foundations in place to build a successful business upon. For this reason, we will offer to spend time with you as closely, or as distant as you wish, in applying everything learnt in your workshops and sharing where our existing partnerships have succeeded. This is where your business and our partnership begins. Following on from the workshops, we will share with you the below information:

  • Assistance in developing a personalised customer acquisition plan with short, medium and long term business goals
  • Electronic Training Materials and E-Learning guides of all chosen Product & Services portfolio
  • E-Marketing collateral and access to award-winning case studies and testimonials
  • Online access to numerous article and white papers and Workbench Tools & Proposal Templates

Step 4: Sourcing and Marketing to your New Prospects

To make the step into building your new business as easy as possible for you, we let you build your new client customer base by using the hundreds of existing firms we have previously built.

You then choose the specialist areas you would like to develop more advanced training in, specific to the products and services you wish to focus your first 3 months activity in. We are committed to expanding our business network through attending networking events, online networking via social media, building relationships through referrals and recommendations and engaging the local community. We also equip you with all the marketing and sales tools required which will become invaluable, whether your chosen path to sourcing your new clients is through:

  • Sourcing prospective databases in your chosen focused sector
  • Conducting e-marketing campaigns
  • Promoting your own mini-workshops and breakfast/evening seminars

Step 5: Winning New Clients

Winning your new customers will depend on 3 key success factors; they need to trust you, have confidence in the benefits and saving of solutions you propose and see evidence of previous successes. Do this and you will be well on your way to building a very successful business in no time.?Matrix247?help you to win new clients by:

  • Providing you with access to our Partnership Support Team to help you along the way
  • Providing you with a product and service portfolio from global manufacturers and carriers at wholesale pricing to you.
  • Giving your existing customer references and access to our proven proposal templates.

Step 6: Exceptional Solution Delivery by your Support team for you

Now you have successfully secured your new customer, it?s time for them to receive the exceptional customer experience you have told them all about.?Sit back and relax. You?ve worked hard to source, design and bring onboard a new customer. Now, working together in partnership we will ensure:

  • Exceptional project management to PRINCE2 certified standards
  • Implementation by Matrix247 engineers to the highest qualified standards
  • On-going support and maintenance to ISO9001

Step 7: Online Billing & Management Information for you and your client

For your new customer:

The Matrix247 team has been providing one-bill solutions for customers for over 25 years. This enables all telecom, mobile and data services to be clearly itemised on a single electronic bill each month.

Your Platinum Billing Team sends your clients bills out automatically on your behalf and recovers the payments on Direct Debit for you, chasing any overdue accounts. We enable your clients to view their bills through a client portal and allow them to set filters to provide reports and alerts.

Our Platinum Support Team assist and investigate all customer enquiries and should you wish to revise customer tariff plans on telecoms, mobile or data services provided, we can help design these for you too.

For you:

Whether engaging with Matrix247 in a?Consultant Partnership?capacity as an??Agent or Referrer,?a?Company Partnership?wishing to deliver a?Portfolio Expansion Plan?or as a?Super Consultant Partnership?in Recruiting and?Managing your own partners,?your Matrix247 Partnership Support Team automate your customers’ statements each month for you.

Your customer statement itemises each customer and the products and services supplied, the cost of each transaction and the monthly breakdown that you need to invoice to Matrix247 from your own company in the following ways for differing partnerships:

  • Company Partnership ??We ensure the bills we send directly to your clients have your company branding, with fulfilment services provided if required.
  • Super Consultant Partnership ??We ensure your statements disclose all the business delivered by the agents, referrers and companies you have recruited and are managing. We show clearly their statements and your percentage commissions from their customer accounts.

Step 8: Developing your customer and maximise potential

After successfully bringing new clients on board and starting your monthly earnings, it?s time to find more new customers.

This is where Matrix247?s 25 years of experience can help provide you with the following help and advice:

  • Pre-planned account management schedule
  • Gain testimonials, references and referrals
  • Plan your customer journey strategically through the Matrix247 portfolio

Winning new customers through referrals and recommendations is a very enjoyable and profitable business. This is why we work hard in delivering your solutions right on budget and right on time, every-time.