Office Suites 4 U


  • Superfast Broadband
  • Significant Cost Savings
  • New Mitel MiVoice Office Phone System


The Customer

Prinny Mill Business Centre is an office tenanting company providing office space to many businesses big and small from the technology, creative and professional sectors.

The Challenge

As they have 20 businesses using their broadband and telephone lines, it is necessary for Prinny Mill Business Centre have guaranteed voice calls and a superfast broadband solution. The business was previously operating on an end-of-life NEC system meaning they no longer had support and replacement parts were unavailable.

The Solution

With their new Mitel MiVoice Office Phone system, Prinny Mill Business Centre were able to easily add new businesses and make changes to the phone system on-the-go without the need to get engineers involved.

Although this is a new telephone system, it saved Prinny Mill Business Centre a significant amount of money whilst enhancing customer experience. Their new solution also improved performance by enabling seamless call handling and transfer; on-screen dialing and a range of intuitive call features have all made for a better customer & staff experience.

?We have worked with Matrix247 now for 18 months and as an office tenanting firm, it is top priority for us to offer all our customers superfast broadband and crystal clear guaranteed voice calls. With Matrix247?s telephone solution we have the ability to add new users, make changes instantly and we are also saving a significant amount of money!?

To see what Matrix247 can do for your firm, please email us or call our experienced team today on 0345 36 20 247.