Napthens Solicitors


  • Risk of communication failure mitigated by ensuring all sites have a second connection to handle calls.
  • FREE calls between networked locations.
  • More resilient and stable Legal telecom system.
  • Multiple levels of business continuity.
  • Fraud Protection at the network level.


The Objective:

Based in the North West operating over 6 sites, Napthens Solicitors provides a wide range of legal services. Napthens needed an up-to-date platform that has a better reception set-up for all sites and fully supported.

Originally, all calls from the six sites were routing via the internet from different data centres. Our job was to take over the ownership and management of lines/calls and show savings. Additionally, we moved to SIP with a resilient infrastructure to generate further savings.

The Challenge

The main challenge for Napthens Solicitors was to ensure an element of business continuity was wrapped around the solution. Whilst also finding a telecoms partner that could not only engineer the optimum technical solution but who understands the legal environment.

The Solution

Instead of routing calls separately through six sites, the firm now route calls for all sites through two main sites called an ?Active Passive SIP Solution?. This enables a substantial reduction in operating costs and call charges were allocated the low-cost Matrix247Law tariff plan. This created a back-up SIP connection line to give full redundancy.

?Matrix247 delivered a telecom and data business continuity network with simplicity, enabling Napthens to manage risk, ensuring compliance with the SRA, whilst implementing the solution without an increase in our operating costs due to all the cost savings found.?

To see what Matrix247 can do for your firm, please email us or call our experienced team today on 0345 36 20 247.