Multi Site Hot-Desking

Hot-Desking is the ability for staff to ?log-on? or ?hot-desk? their telephone or mobile phone to any desk phone. This can be at any location like an alternative office, home or workplace recovery centre (in the event of a disaster), by registering their PIN in that telephone. All COS (Class Of Service) and staff?s feature-sets will forward, along with calls, to the registered new phone location. Using the ?one-number? concept allows inbound callers to dial the same number no matter where you are working. Hot-Desking also reduces the number of missed calls that staff need to return, therefore significantly cutting call overheads.


Excellent for multi-site organisations. Optimum performance call traffic monitoring. Enables a single person at any?location, with strictly locked down password access, to access through a web portal any of their organisations telecom handsets whether at a branch or home-based to perform appropriate user changes and upgrades. Extremely useful in disaster recovery circumstances when on-going rapid changes may need to be administered. Network call-traffic monitoring enables system admin staff to receive Management Information (MI) on call traffic that hasn?t arrived at the law practice due to all normal ISDN lines being engaged. Peaks and troughs can be measured and required expansion of existing trunk lines, broadband or data networks advised accurately and factually.