Mobile Device Management

Enables an organisation to control the securing, monitoring, integrating and managing of mobile devices such as smartphones/tablets/laptops in the workplace. It?s a necessity for all organisations large and small, who have a mobile workforce and are conscious about security. The purpose of mobile device management is to optimise the functionality and security of mobile devices. Also, to protect the corporate network and any corporate data that has been downloaded or synced to the mobile device.

The security, protection and management of mobile devices couldn?t be more as organisations face multiple challenges deploying smartphones to their mobile workforce. With mobile device attacks on the rise, there is a common risk of confidential data falling into the wrong hands. For the?General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), mobile devices should be the key area management needs to secure as the simplest to implant malware for a hacker. Otherwise, how do you ensure compliance of GDPR when employees access data out of the office?


  • Security: Safeguard your company’s data by detecting security threats e.g. non-compliant and jailbroken devices.
  • Control: Manage business and technology issues of security, complexity and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) in mobile environments.
  • Confidence: Satisfaction that your organisations data is secure.
  • Tracking: Keep track of mobile workers with device location and identification map and?24/7 visibility of hardware information and device details including model, serial number, version and operating system.
  • Remotely manage your business devices: Via the online portal so you can?view all employee devices and configure them remotely.
  • Instant Messaging: Communicate with your remote workers instantly.
  • Preserve company data: Have the ability to remotely wipe devices containing any confidential company data.
  • Business management reporting: Helping you understand device hardware, software and agent usage.
  • Expense Management: Monitor data usage in real-time and set alerts accordingly.



Matrix247 provides secure recycling of your firms’ old mobile phones. This powerful service guarantees complete peace of mind when it comes to data protection. By working with partners using strict collection, compounding and processing of phones using Government approved Infosec Level 5 software blanccoTM, we can assure you that absolutely no data is left residual on old mobile phones when they are re-used.?The service is delivered at no extra charge as part of Matrix247’s standard telephony service and comes with a ?5million insurance indemnity against each wiped device.


Our customers need ruggadised?tablets, PDA’s (Personal Digital Assistant) and mobiles that provide power, portability and durability for commercial grade computing solutions. The Matrix247 service team will pre-install all required applications and required accessories along with tablet data bundles prior to deployment.?Applications typically include GPRS, 4G, document viewers, natural pen/speech input, view-anywhere displays and multi-touch input methods.

Whether your organisation is involved in casework, service inspections, transfer of goods or first response services, our aim is to improve collaboration between your staff and to your customers whilst reducing duplication of processes.?Matrix247 can supply you semi-ruggadised devices. These are more ruggadised?than a PDA but of similar weight and size to the heaviest duty devices made to work in the most hazardous work environments (sealed from wind-blown rain and dust).

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