Mitel Phone System Solutions

Our new Mitel Phone System bolt-on solutions offer an easy-to-use, self-service environment automating repetitive telephony activities in a way that improves the customer experience and delivers a tangible return on investment. Handle common requests automatically to enhance customer experience and speak with more customers at any one time.

  • Reduce the number of lost calls
  • Save staff time

Queue Minder

Queue Minder improves customer experience and can help to reduce the number of lost calls. Inbound callers are provided with the ability to request a call-back instead of waiting for an agent to become available. Once a call-back is requested, the caller can simply hang-up and leave the telephone system to queue on their behalf. When a member of staff is available, they are automatically put through to the customer. Callers can leave an alternative number to be contacted on and a voice message if required for the employee to provide information about the subject of their call.

  • Provides a choice for the caller to be called back rather than having to hold
  • Queues the call and automates a callback
  • Improves the caller experience

E.G. “your call is in a queue, however, if you would like us to call you back when you reach the front of the queue, please press 1″.

Customer Routing

Automate the task of identifying and verifying your customers before they speak to an employee, saving time and improving customer experience. Once a customer has been identified, they can be routed as normal or diverted to an alternate location in special circumstances, such as VIP customers or overdue accounts. When coupled with CRM screen-pop integrations, customer account details can be used to automatically load the required records, ensuring the employee has all the necessary information they need to handle clients’ requests.

E.G. “Thank you for calling, please enter your account number”.

When the customer inserts this into their phone they will be passed to their account manager enabling the highest level of customer experience.


  • Frees up the employee’s time while the script is being listened to
  • Reconnects the employee once the script has finished playing

To stay compliant with the ever-changing regulations, many organisations need to ensure customers who have made a purchase or completed a transaction over the phone are informed of the terms and conditions of sale and their rights post-purchase.


Post Call Surveys

Identify and report on your customer satisfaction levels with a post-call survey. At the end of the call simply transfer the caller to the survey which consists of a series of questions you can choose and customers will be asked to rate your service on a scale of 1-5.

E.G. “did a member of the team answer all your questions to your complete satisfaction? Press digits from 1 to 5 where 5 is yes and they answered all my questions”.

The post-call survey has a reporting module that can automatically produce and email reports on the activity of each configured post-call survey at the end of each day, so you can accurately track your customer satisfaction levels. Do you have different departments? Different post-call surveys can be used for different departments and ask different questions.