Are you thinking of adding voice to your Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams Matrix247

Many of our customers that currently use Microsoft Teams have asked us if we can help them add voice, or whether they must do this through Microsoft. The answer is WE CAN HELP.


Going through Microsoft directly could potentially be more expensive for your organisation as they don’t stop over-usage charges, so you could spend in excess of £30 per person, per month.

Let’s Compare:


£12.00 + Unlimited Overspend

Unfortunately going with Microsoft directly means you have no cap on overspend charges as well as expensive calls. You also have to do the following just to use their service:

  • Pre-register Credit Card
  • Pre-Agree ££ Cap
  • Over-Usage e.g. £30 per user
  • Charge 12.3p per minute
  • If limit is reached, call gets instantly cut off until card is re-registered with additional spends
  • ‘Help’ Tab on Microsoft Office365
  • No ability for non-geographic numbers


 £13.50 FIXED

For just £1.50 extra, the benefits of working with Matrix247 is that we can provide your organisation with a lot more features. See below some of the ways we can help:

  • No Pre-registering a Credit Card
  • FREE Local, National & Mobile Calls
  • Fraud Management
  • No Overspend
  • Calls will NOT be cut off (unlimited calls)
  • Fully managed service with people
  • Simple User Pricing
  • Numbers & Porting
  • Quality of Service Guarantees
  • Automated Provisioning & Management
  • Ability for non-geographic numbers e.g. 087_, 084_

As you can see, do NOT order directly from Microsoft as you may end up paying excessive overspend every month, for every user! Fix your costs with Matrix247 with free, unlimited calls.

Would you like to discuss how your organisation can deploy Microsoft Teams via Matrix247? Call Victor Lisowski today on 0345 362 0013 or email

Microsoft are not voice experts, nor are they interested in becoming ones. As such, with Matrix247’s ease of provisioning, added network-level features, porting capabilities, and simple commercial model, there is a great opportunity for you to manage your own contract, with the power to do what your organisation needs.

All prices are per user, per month based on 300 or less users.