How Matrix247 customers have benefited from our directors achieving Pre Masters University Course

Earlier this year Networks & Customer Services Director, Simon Nolan, and Billing Director, Sarah Thoburn, graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University walking away with a Pre-masters certificate in Leadership & Management.

How was the course?

The course was ?extremely beneficial? for all our staff enabling them to understand the academic side of leadership and management. The course provided great insight and covered management, leadership, marketing, operations and financials. The main highlight to our team was understanding the in-depth background into management and how to identify key issues through to stress management and finding the difference between a leader and a manager. It was also useful as they got to meet other managers in different environments and share ideas.

What was the most interesting thing you learnt?

Sarah: ?The practical side of the course was very interesting, as challenges were set to overcome and we reflected on this upon completion to interpret this into a working environment.?

Simon: ?Virtually every student on the course was a manager at different levels so it?was interesting to listen to their problems and look at their experiences and how they have approached different issues.?

What have you learnt which will benefit Matrix247?

In their Pre-masters in Leadership & Management, our directors learnt how to motivate?and engage our staff and how to engage with them to their best advantage by knowing the team better. ?These techniques allow us to create a more efficient department by maximising the team?s abilities and performance?.

With that knowledge, how will this benefit Matrix247?s customers?

By providing a good understanding to the operations side of the business, the course has enabled us to implement various proven techniques to maximise the team?s?performance and output to customers. ?The techniques will lead to the department being more efficient and that in turn will lead to a better customer experience.?

A big thankyou to Manchester Metropolitan University.