Speech Analytics

Collating and supplying evidence for legal cases can be heavily time-consuming. As well as put a strain on a law firm’s already stretched resources. Record and store telephone conversations for record-keeping and case management. By reducing manual admin, this comprehensive solution allows firms to concentrate on what they do best ? dispensing legal advice and services.

Take advantage of solutions which enable phone calls to be captured, analysed and archived, helping firms by:

  • Providing an indisputable record of conversations for liability protection
  • Alleviating the need to take hand-written notes
  • Enabling evidence to be quickly retrieved for fact verification and dispute resolution
  • Providing a record of billable phone activities
  • Recording verbal agreements

Advisory Services: Offering an advisory service to clients is highly sensitive and could lead to life-changing decisions. Discussions and advice dispensed over the phone has the potential to be recounted differently in years to come so recording conversations for liability protection could save a lot of time and aggravation, and even prevent legal action being taken against your firm.

Conveyancing: Conveyancing and property transaction can be highly litigious. In the event of a dispute, providing full documentary evidence can be a massive undertaking, particularly if information is required years afterwards. By capturing conversations, you can keep a convenient record of all conversations and store the data for as long as you need it.

Debt Collection: Contracts for undertaking services for banks such as debt collection and handling of Payment Protection Insurance claims are usually awarded on the condition that calls are recorded. By having a trusted and reliable solution in place you?ll be well-positioned to compete for contracts.

Billing: Time is money so it?s important to know how long you spend talking to and advising individual clients, so you can charge them accordingly and provide evidence if challenged. Track telephone conversations and easily add notes and comments.

The ability to recall and verify even the smallest details can be crucial to any solicitors. Analyse telephone calls with accurate transcripts, enabling solicitors to save time and cost in preparing information for court. Data security is vital for law firms that need to provide evidence for legal proceedings and compliance. Store recordings so they are inaccessible to unauthorised parties.

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