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  • Enhance Client Experience
  • Manage Risk for COLPS & COFAS
  • Increase Return on Marketing Spend
  • Wholesale Access & Legal Sector Price Structures
  • Maximise Billable Hours

Matrix247 assists law firms through a Communications Audit

  1. Identify all?possible savings?across the Tele-Comms and Data-Comms landscape of the firm.
  2. Help for COLPs:?Conduct a Communications Assessment to ensure compliance with the SRA regulations. Options to build-in back-up, resilience and security across Tele-Comms and Data Comms. We help with disaster recovery and business continuity plans.
  3. Share?what successful law firms are doing to enhance communication with existing and prospective clients. Including benefits of integrating any existing case and practice management systems to your telecoms system.

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  • Dispute Resolution ? By listening to a Call Recording of the Conversation
  • ?Replicate Best Staff ? With Management Information
  • ?Enhance Client Experience ? By knowing WHO is dialling in to provide a personal welcome
  • ?Reduce Operating Costs ? With Fax to Email & Email to Fax
  • ?Locate any Refunds Due ? From Existing Suppliers
  • Complimentary Independent Advice & Consultation – Of Moving Existing Telephony Platforms into the Legal
  • ?Agile Working Solutions ? Attract Highest Quality Talent & Fee Earners
  • ?Training Paralegals ? Link Recordings to Client Files
  • ?Be Connected Anywhere, Anytime Seamlessly


  • Assist in building Practice Communication Policies ? clarify Law Firm expectations to staff and partners
  • Create a competitive advantage
  • Improve client experience
  • Align the right staff to communicate with the right customer

Call Recording

  • Immediate opportunity to save money
  • Quickly call back missed client enquiries
  • No Missed Calls
  • Identify your Customer’s Journey
  • Get Reports Anytime, Anywhere
  • Right to be Forgotten ? Automatic through Call Recording

Video Conferencing

  • ? Save Money and Make MORE Money with More Billable Hours – Reduce travel time and expenses associated with lost billable time.
  • ? Easily Maintain Communication with Clients – Witnesses scattered all over the?country, overseas, courthouses in different cities or in all parts of the world?
  • ? Security Measures That Build Trust – Full SRA compliance with strong, robust security measures, firewalls and password protections.
  • ? Structured Meetings with Improved Communications & Attendance

Complimentary Communications Audit

Matrix247 have agreed to conduct for all LawNet members a complimentary on-site Communications Report. No obligations at all, but simply as a comparison against current telecom suppliers who may not be as independent, have the ability to offer free fibre installation upgrades or specialise in the legal sector pro-actively.

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  • Hillyer McKeown Solicitors prides itself on delivering a highly responsive personalised service to its clients. To achieve this, every part of the communication process has to be excellent. At a time of increasing customer expectation, Matrix247LAW have given us a telecoms solution that enables seamless customer-focused call handling, giving the firm a real competitive advantage. And we?re saving money in the process!

    Steve Harvey, Partner and Head of Commercial, Hillyer McKeown Solicitors
    Hillyer McKeown Solicitors
  • We have worked with Matrix247 for several months and have a fantastic responsive relationship. We worked together to create a robust SIP solution and it was delivered with ease and simplicity ensuring that our business telecoms are future proofed and reliable.

    Anthony Terry, Director of IT, Napthens Solicitors LLP
    Napthens Solicitors
  • A knowledgeable, enthusiastic, responsive supplier who has given us real confidence in our telecoms? capability and a cost-neutral solution that has allowed us to maintain a single point of presence for clients

    Andrew Graves, Rowlinsons Solicitors
    Rowlinsons Solicitors
  • IMD Solicitors LLP is a multi-lingual full service law firm that truly understands the need to communicate with our clients without legal jargon and in their own language.? With respect to the latter, Matrix247 have definitely overcome and delivered on many challenges for us to ensure that our clients speak with the right department from the very outset.? This was seamlessly done and dedicated lines for our English, Polish, Russian, Romanian, Latvian, Slovakian and Czech services were quickly put in place along with auto-attendant messages in each language.? Huge thank you to the knowledgeable and friendly team that looks after us, we look to forward to continuing our relationship with you.

    Amber Holt, Marketing & Client Relationship Manager, IMD Solicitors LLP
    IMD Solicitors