Rowlinsons Solicitors

rowlinsons-solicitorsThe Client

A fast-growing, forward-thinking law firm offering both business and personal legal services from its offices in Cheshire. Priding itself on offering ‘big city’ quality at non-city prices, it has invested significantly in information technology to secure operational efficiencies and to help deliver exceptional standards of client care.

The Objective

Ensuring that a new office being opened up 200 yards away was embraced within a single telephony network, presenting a unified face to the client and making call handling and message delivery absolutely seamless; ensuring as a secondary aim that the telephony improvements would bring a high degree of business continuity.

The Challenge

The knowledge of how to best achieve the objective not being resident within the firm, finding a telecoms partner that could not only engineer the optimum technical solution but who understood the legal environment, could overcome the inevitable resistance to change and had one eye on best value.

The Solution

  • An Aastra telephone system was installed, with a dedicated broadband link between the two sites just for voice traffic, and a back-up digital line to give full redundancy.
  • IP handsets were rolled out to all staff across both offices, the voicemailfunction configured to provide email delivery of messages.
  • Aastra Office Suite provides on-screen dialing and presence management, enabling monitoring of staff’s availability or the duration of calls and call recipient (mapped automatically to the firm’s global address book).
  • 'Whisper intrude’ feature allows a staff member engaged on a phone call to be notified if another urgent call is waiting or if their presence is needed elsewhere.

The Results

  • The wholesale achievement of the original objective, thanks to: positive adoption by users from the outset, owing much to very intuitive, easy to use phones, with relevant, helpful features; and reliable technology with good line quality that together closed up the physical gap between the two locations.
  • Building in a level of network resilience that either office could support the other in maintaining normal working should one of them lose their phone connectivity
  • Bringing in a superior solution without any real on-cost, thanks to significant savings in call charges being identified from the outset

“A knowledgeable, enthusiastic, responsive supplier who has given us real confidence in our telecoms’ capability and a cost-neutral solution that has allowed us to maintain a single point of presence for clients.”

Andrew Graves, Rowlinsons


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