Howells Solicitors LLP


The Client

Howells Solicitors is South Yorkshire’s leading law firm, consistently rated in the top tier by Chambers for its family and criminal work. It employs close on 200 staff and operates from four offices across the region.

The Objective

Howells Solicitors wanted to modernise and rationalise ageing, disparate and unwieldy telecoms systems into a single, resilient, cost-efficient and centrally managed solution, supporting future growth. Specifically the firm was looking to:

  • Create a highly resilient and scalable voice network
  • Eliminate single points of failure to achieve highest standards of business continuity
  • Significantly reduce operational support and call costs 

The Challenge

Firms that have enjoyed organic growth over the years present a familiar challenge: a mixed bag of telephony systems, an inevitable lack of integration, no real insight into line usage or demand and spiraling maintenance costs. Howells’ issues were compounded by the fact that existing systems were reaching capacity in places and just as critically lacked any real continuity provision; moreover, the physical infrastructure was also in need of a complete overhaul.

business telecoms

The Solution

The first task was a comprehensive audit of systems, contracts and line usage to determine what Howells were currently paying for, what they were using and to what degree, and where both operational gains and financial savings could be made.

  • A uniform Mitel 3300 telephony system rolled out across all sites, processors with dual mirrored hard drives for added resilience. 
  • Centralised operators equipped with Mitel consoles incorporating on-screen call-control and awareness of staff at all locations.
  • Mitel IP handsets, enabling a home-working capability.
  • Existing telephone numbers ported into the Cloud, enabling immediate re-pointing of inbound calls to any destination in the event of a disaster.
  • A new, high capacity, MPLS network was deployed at the same time to ensure Quality of Service on all voice traffic.
  • Training programs were set up to help staff familiarise themselves with the new systems maximising benefits for users and returns for the practice. 

The Results

  • Enhanced business continuity – Either of the core Mitel locations can support all staff across all offices should one of those locations lose its phone connectivity.
  • Reduced support costs – The move to single source supply stripped out multiple contracts and annual maintenance fees.
  • Reduced line and call costs – ISDN trunks were reduced by 20%; call costs were slashed by 28% through moving to Matrix247; all inter- site calls became free.
  • Greater flexibility - Hot-desking and home working facilitated by Mitel IP handsets.
  • Improved visibility - Online billing with comprehensive management information.
  • Enhanced performance – Fast, seamless call handling and transfer; on-screen dialing and a range of intuitive call features have all made for a better customer & staff experience.
  • Streamlined supply management – Telecoms is now managed centrally , reducing administrative pressure, operational waste and improving strategic direction and service focus. 

“Matrix247Law accepted a substantial challenge but have successfully delivered the streamlined, scalable and robust infrastructure we need to underpin our business plan going forward. Resilience provides continuity, functionality ensures flexibility and cohesion secures cost-efficiency – and critically, we now have control back over both communications strategy and expenditure.” Peter Mahy, Managing Partner, Howells Solicitors


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