Why Law Firms Across UK Rapidly Implementing Call Recording Over the Last Week

call recording

There has been an unprecedented uptake by law firms across the UK to ensure client calls are recorded whilst homeworking.

We understand one of the several key factors is due to clients wishing to refresh and amend their wills in which clarity and detail may be referred back to as captured and shared with clients as needed.

call recording dashboard

  • Record mobile phone calls
  • Record business home-phone calls
  • Encrypted security – only authorised may access
  • Dispute resolution: Admissible UK Law Courts BS10008
  • COLP Compliance: Client care principles ticked
  • SRA Compliant: UK secure storage for real-time retrieval
  • Embed into case or practice management software for easy retrieval direct from client matter

No change of the existing telephone system is required, simply overlay remotely. No set-up fee or upfront investment, from £2.00 per user per month.

Set-up your law firm in three easy steps:

  1. Tell us how many users you wish to record calls for
  2. We will send over a document to be signed electronically
  3. We will switch on call recording and arrange a 30-minute web demonstration to show how to use the call recording dashboard.

Contact Mia Pritchard on 0345 362 0012 to rapidly add call recording to your telephone system, alternatively, email advice@matrix247.com and we can send you some more information.