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Matrix247 works with the UK’s leading network providers, supplying tailor made mobile phone packages to businesses nationally. We offer a new way to manage mobile agreements with the business objectives at the forefront of decisions. We run an analysis on the local area to determine the best network for data speed and signal – whether there is one or multiple providers in your package, we can set these up on one monthly bill.

Order the new iPhone 12 with Matrix247 for 10% for your first bill

Apple hasn’t held back with this one… The new iPhone 12 boasts the famous 5G feature, bringing a new level of performance to the iPhone with internet superspeed. As if this wasn’t enough – the iPhone 12 marks the first ever smartphone to film in 4K Dolby Vision, yep – cinema quality. The new 100% wireless charging feature means no more investing in replacement chargers, just simple wireless charging wherever you are – and that’s just to name a few. By joining the VIP Club we can send you exclusive offers, as well as providing 10% off your first mobile bill. 


The iPhone 12 Pro and mini is available now with Matrix247

All our mobile devices come with a very friendly helpdesk & support team to assist you in setting up, transferring address books and adding new applications. Matrix247 customers benefit from combining their mobile packages with their organisation’s landline calls to receive more significant additional savings.

Do you get sick and tired of waiting on hold to your mobile network? We’ll do it for you! Matrix247 can liaise with the networks directly to update your data and contracts quickly and hassle free. Mobile phone contracts have never been easier.

Why choose Matrix247 for your new iPhone?

  • Monitor all contracts in one place. We can arrange one, easy-to-use portal to monitor all your contracts including data-allowance, monthly bills and call charges on one dashboard, even with multiple network providers.
  • Receive alerts about your plans through platforms of your choice.
  • Existing mobiles and numbers may be retained, even if changing network carriers.
  • 24hr Loss and Replacement Service – Matrix247 ensures if your phone is lost or broken, we can send a replacement within just 24 hours, keeping you connected everywhere.
  • Comprehensive free analysis and report of existing mobile contracts and costs.
  • Keep information safe and secure – with mobile device management. Safeguard your company’s data by detecting security threats e.g. non-compliant and jailbroken devices.
  • European and global world travellers benefit from personalised packages set up individually, or for the organisation as a whole, to ensure the lowest cost mobile call and data transmissions for the counties visited most frequently.

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