Introducing the Gamechanger for Secure Card Payments with Link Pay+

Card data breaches are a major risk for insurance firms, with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) reporting a total of 4,056 data security incidents during the second quarter of 2018/19.

Link Pay+ removes this problem with a simple, pay-per-link solution on any channel.

Why choose Link Pay+?

  • The PCI challenge is fixed – with Link Pay+ employees/customer-facing staff are no longer exposed to any sensitive card data.
  • Link Pay+ is a cost-effective solution that removes any impetus to stock up on needless extra tech, with no additional service charges or rentals.
  • Maximise your insurance policy sales revenue and enhance your customer’s overall experience – customers can instantly and conveniently transact with you, whatever the device or communication channel.

Link Pay + provides a simple and secure way for your customers to make payments using any device and any channel. Link Pay+ sends your customer a secure payment link (via email, web chat, WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook Messenger etc.). Your customers can enter their card details with confidence – and it’s more convenient than using the keypad over the phone. Your employee doesn’t see their card information but is on hand for help and advice to see the transaction through, minimising the risk of losing those important insurance policy sales.

Works With Any Channel

Start working with any channel you choose. If you can communicate in that channel, now you can transact securely with your customer within that channel.

How Does It Work?

Link Pay

Feel in Control

Link Pay+ dashboards keep you fully informed, so you’ll know just how many payment links have been generated, their conversion rate and also the amount successfully transacted.


If this is something you would like to incorporate into your insurance company, contact us today on 0345 362 0 247 or email to organise a free demonstration with one of our specialists who will show you how Link Pay+ can fit into your organisation.

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