Out-Bound Call Centre Dialers


Power Dialers

customer-service-operatorsWould you like to improve Agent Call handling time? This enables agents to dial a telephone number by a simple highlight and click from their PC screen. This can be from a:

  • Database record
  • Number in a spreadsheet list
  • Out of the body of text within a word document

This is the simplest form of CTI dialing, giving complete control to Contact Centre Agents to make the call in their own time, ensuring it can never be misdialed. Power Dialing will immediately improve Agent call handling time.

Progressive Dialers:

Would you like to increase your organisation’s workload by 35% without the need to employ any additional agents?

These are the most common style of automated dialers used in outbound calling campaigns for business to business and will improve:

  • Agent call handling time massively - frequently in excess of 35%
  • Enables our customers to increase their workload by up to 35%
  • No need to employ any additional agents.

How many extra agents would your business need to employ to increase your capacity by 35%? How much would you pay each of those agents annually?

By answering those two questions you can simply calculate the Return on Investment (ROI) period for this product. Generally... it's within a few months!

Predictive Dialers:

Would you like to further increase the time your agents spend talking to prospects?

Although these dialers show the greatest productivity gains, generally they are generally used for call - centre staff to contact the general public. We will also guide you on complying with the latest industry legal regulations prior to investing in these dialers.