Measuring Success

business-phone-close-upA key differentiator that Matrix247 Contact centres provide is a clear understanding at a commercial level of the true benefits that our product portfolio delivers to your company once we have gained an understanding of your existing and complete cradle-to-grave supply chain procedures from a communication perspective.

This not only empowers the management with a clear ‘dash-board’ on their contact centre ‘real-time’, it also enables service levels agreed with new clients or a general level of agreed activity to be automatically measured by the management.

It also provides a tool for contact centre managers and supervisors to work with, so they may clearly inform the board of any additional agents required should predicted volumes of calls wish to be answered with agreed timescales. Historic data is automatically collated and seasonal trends can be clearly viewed.

Measurement of agent activity can also be extremely motivational for the agents themselves, as real-time running stats can be provided either on a large electronic wall-board / plasma screen or even a subtle scrolling desktop wall-board on the menu bar of the agents PC screen. The agents can then measure their activity for the day / week against not just department targets, but also work colleagues, which we have found leads to a very healthy breeding of friendly competition