Are you losing policy sales because enquirers can’t get through quickly?

It’s time to stop losing insurance policy sales to competitors and start delivering pain-free sales 24/7. Our omnichannel, automated chatbot and payment gateway products are the way to do this. Watch our 2-minute video to start converting your policy quotes into sales.

Are you constantly switching screens and devices to communicate with customers over a range of media channels? With no need to change existing platforms, you can see all customer communications in a single screen.

The omnichannel dashboard allows the insurance sector to provide a significantly better experience for its employees and more importantly the customer. Employees will be able to view over 30 apps in one dashboard, enabling a single view of customer interactions, regardless of what media channel they have used. From Facebook messenger to email, interactions can be managed effortlessly, while delivering a more personalised customer journey.


How do you know which media channel to invest your marketing money in? Track trends over media channels that your customers are using to increase engagement and growth. See which communication channels are working for your insurance firm to measure return on investment.

Omnichannel allows insurance firms to monitor and report which media channels are converting and leading to sales. Marketing budgets can also be amended to reflect the channel that the customer wants to communicate with. If 80% of policy sales are from WhatsApp and only 20% are from email, it would make sense to move the focus over to WhatsApp.


Are you losing insurance policy sales because enquirers can’t get through quickly? Our online intelligent self-service systems help to answer insurance claim enquiries faster. You’ll never lose an insurance policy sale again with personalised automated questions and answers.

80% of customers are now preferring to purchase insurance products via digital channels. Conversational AI allows insurance firms to be available for their customers 24/7. The insurance industry is a competitive market and firms can’t afford to be losing sales due to abandoned policies on their website. Conversational AI helps to improve conversion rates and allows employees to spend time on the more complex or high value interactions.


Maximise your insurance policy sales revenue and enhance your customers transaction experience while being FCA compliant, with secure payments.

Link Pay+ permits insurance firms to take payment via any channel they wish whilst remaining FCA compliant. Channels such as email, webchat and Facebook Messenger can all be used. The customer clicks on a link and they are ready to pay. It really is that easy!

Customers can enter their card details with confidence – Employees no longer need to hear or view their card information but is on hand for help and advice to see the transaction through, minimising the risk of losing those important insurance policy sales.


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