Incoming Call Management Statistics

Gain insight to your call answering performance

Matrix247 can now provide detailed reporting on inbound phone calls. This service allows you to see the number of answered, unanswered and blocked (busy) calls to each 01/02 phone number in any given hour, day, week or month. This can be very helpful when trying to establish if you have the correct number of channels/lines of staff to handle incoming call volumes. It can also help to identify trends in incoming call traffic. 


In addition to 01 and 02 geographic numbers we can also include non-geographic numbers in the same report (0845, 0844, 0870, 0800 and so on). 

Sample these reports below:

The ICMS service is offered at the following price (per month excl VAT): £1 per analogue line / £2.50 per ISDN2 circuit / £5 per ISDN30 route (8-15 channels), £10 per ISDN30 (16-30 channels), £12.50 per ISDN30 (31+ channels).