How to Engage Tenants with the Right Customer Journey & a Remote Workforce

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Removing the barriers to communication

Follow UK leading social housing groups in the quest for enhanced customer journeys, enabling a remote workforce and improving the engagement with tenants.

  • Cut down your time flicking between screens by seeing all tenant interactions in one place, in line with your housing management system.
  • Track trends to see which media channels your tenants use, where the most engagement is, and which channels are growing or declining.
  • How do you know which marketing channel your tenants want to communicate with you on, to let you understand where to invest your marketing budget?
  • Keep the conversation alive with tenants on all channels at all times of the day and reduce the time your tenants are on-hold with online intelligent self-service systems. Are you able to join the 38% of housing associations implementing artificial intelligence within the next year*?

Only 16% of inbound interactions in the housing sector are via email.* This means the remaining 84% are done through an array of the different channels listed above.







Matrix247 in association with CUBE Thinking are hosting a series of three webinars to the housing sector to help in ALL aspects from the tenant, the staff and the management and supervisors.

  • Seminar 1: How to Empower Staff Working Remotely
  • Seminar 2: How to use Management Reports to Communicate with Customers Better
  • Seminar 3: How to Engage with Tenants on the Communication Channels of Their Choice

Discuss the following benefits:

  • Automated Communication for Repairs – Conversational AI can help with common questions such as ”my hot water isn’t working, please can you help?‘’
  • Be available for Tenants 24/7 – Tenants must be able to contact their social housing provider at all times whether be it to raise a repair, make a rental payment, report an issue etc.
  • Offer Different Channels of Communication – Provide tenants a choice of channel to contact you on (Facebook, Whatsapp, Email etc) allowing for faster responses and more opportunities to ‘self-serve’.
  • Integrate into CRM – with the ability to prioritise vulnerable or VIP tenants.

5 Reasons to Attend:

We’ll share ideas on how your housing association can:

  1. Receive information on how to communicate with tenants better
  2. Ensure tenants receive the same experience and response time whether they contact you on phone, email, web enquiry, social media, or other channels
  3. Reap the rewards from a remote working solution, allowing staff to work from home with no difference to if they were in the office
  4. Provide call management reports to supervisors
  5. Understand where the weakest link in your internal chain is and make it your strongest




Delegate Offers:

All delegates will receive a complimentary call management trial for 1 month showing management and supervisors what the actual experience and journey is for tenants when they engage with the housing association.



Hear from industry expert Jason Kingston, Partner of Cube Thinking







and Victor Lisowski, Head of Strategic Accounts at Matrix247.