Bob Talks Flexibility with Matrix247

Bob is a Super Partner Consultant who has been within the Matrix247 Partnership program for over 10 years and has over 120 customers as well as 13 active part-time &?full-time Partner-Consultants.

An example of one of Bob’s typical customers is a multi-site dental surgery. They are supplied with top quality telephony lines and calls to enhance the best customer experience. This contract added another ?200 a month to Bobs monthly revenue income stream.

Bob’s next program with the dental surgery is implementing the Matrix247 Cisco Nimbus Hosted Telephony Solution across all sites.

?I have been an account manager at BT for 16 years. I was looking for a partner in the industry to join up with that was established and reputable and I found Matrix247. After a lot of discussions, I decided to partner with them to bring my own customers on board. Also, to create revenue streams and also to bring on partners. That’s individuals and companies that I knew in the industry and its flourished.?

Also, the infrastructures here provides an office to come into should you need it and bring partners in and even customers. The flexibility of working with Matrix247 has allowed me to be more flexible with leisure time in particular. I?ve been able to teach my daughter to drive, I also play badminton and when I want to I am able to play during the day rather than just one time per week.?

Working with Matrix247 gives you the best of both worlds really. You are your own boss but you have also got the back up of an established company to work with.?

Bob:???? Super Partner Consultant