Speech Analytics

Insurance and accountancy firms operate in one of the most heavily regulated industries in the world. Staying compliant remains to become more complex and resource dependent.

By capturing conversations across offices and trading floors, our solutions can ease compliance with legislation by requiring the full capture of voice/data communications for record keeping – such as MiFID II. Thus, organisations can improve operational transparency, deter market abuse and mitigate risk.

  • Data Retention ? Gain complete control of your retention policies and ring-fence calls on litigation hold to ensure compliance.
  • Audit ? Ensure compliance is being achieved across all calls with the ability to search for specific words and phrases. Review as text transcripts to check staff are adhering to scripts and covering required legal information and industry regulations.
  • Encrypted frame-based recording ? This unique method of saving and storing recorded data is secure and efficient.
  • Resilience ? Automated failover options provide the protection needed to keep businesses operational and compliant.
  • Review ? enjoy seamless integration with leading analytics and archiving tools.

Fines issued by the Financial Conduct Authority increased by over 900% between 2016 & 2017*

In a world of evolving regulation, the need for financial services to keep a secure and accurate record of voice communications/calls is greater than ever.?Often requiring significant investment to comply with requirements, it is important that you receive additional value, beyond compliance, from the data being captured to gain a competitive advantage and see a true return.

  • Save Time ? Accurately search transcripts of recordings for specific words and phrases, enabling you to save time and cost in preparing information for the regulator/ombudsman and to gain additional business insight and value.
  • Compliance Assurance ? Proactively monitor your recording system allowing you to verify all critical voice data is being recorded, archived and retained correctly.
  • Secure Company & Client Data ? Ensure only authorised staff listen to calls, delete calls that should not be kept and lock calls that need retaining.
  • Easy Spot Checks ? Perform compliance spot checks to ensure staff are adhering to regulatory guidelines.
  • Integrate to CRM – Ensure all staff are up-to-date with clients and attach call recordings and transcripts to client records.
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*Source: Financial Conduct Authority, UK.