Digital Marketing Coordinator

The company has been operating with great success for over 25 years and wants to grow quickly and effectively. Having established a solid platform, it is time to enhance the brands online presence with digital marketing. The plan is to recruit a marketing coordinator to help the marketing department across a wide range of marketing tasks including social media/PR, website management, email marketing and reporting activities. Reporting to the MD/Head of Sales and Marketing.

Nature & Scope of the role:

This is a marketing role with projects set by the head of marketing. This role involves marketing the company?s products and services online to the relevant target audience (legal, professional services). Principle accountabilities include:

  • Align digital marketing objectives with those of the business
  • Determine where prospects/customers consume digital information
  • Identify key customer pains and gains (to ensure marketing content is relevant)
  • Review and monitor competitor behaviour
  • Agree a schedule of digital marketing management meetings and monitor resultant actions

The marketing projects set for you may include the following activities:

Social Media/PR

  • Liaise with other members of the company to get educational material, company stories case studies and thought leadership articles
  • Ensure LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter & Google for Business pages are consistent with the brand and up to date
  • Regular posts to social media, ideally once a day
  • Facebook & LinkedIn advertising
  • Review what PR opportunities there might be and develop and implement a strategy

Website Management

  • Ensure the site loads quickly, is responsive on mobile, is up to date/ backed up and free from errors
  • Maintain & monitor a list of keyword phrases that the company needs to be found for
  • Implement a content plan for new content that will go on the website (e.g. case studies, blogs, articles, new landing pages) and upload new content on a regular basis (ideally weekly) and ensure it?s shared across relevant social media platforms
  • Put in place and maintain an SEO strategy and ensure all content has had SEO optimisation and has perfect yoast scores
  • Use Google Search Console to identify errors and fix them
  • Put in place and manage Google AdWord campaigns
  • Implement and manage livechat/chat bots on the website to increase engagement
  • Alt-texting images and ensuring all images are optimised


  • Develop a video marketing strategy
  • Implement video marketing campaigns for social media
  • Manage YouTube channel for the business and ensure it?s optimized for SEO

Email Marketing

  • Implement an email marketing strategy & email automation workflow strategy and ensure all activities comply with GDPR
  • Buying GDPR compliant data lists and collection of email addresses via the website (& process under legitimate interest)
  • Cleansing databases
  • Develop and test landing pages to capture visitor emails
  • Newsletters to different sectors
  • Look on supplier portals for campaign ideas for specific products and services
  • A/B Split campaigns
  • Create a GAP Analysis campaign for existing clients

Reporting & Recommendations

  • Understand and regularly review Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Google for Business Insights
  • Identify and report on key performance indicators for the digital marketing e.g.
  • Website ? visitors, bounce rate, top pages, social traffic, crawl errors
  • AdWord Campaign ? Impressions, Clicks, CTR, Cost
  • Social Media ? Views, engagement and conversion
  • Email Marketing ? open rate, unsubscribes, click through
  • Video ? views and engagement
  • From the KPIs make recommendations on improvements

Event Planning

  • Organise Workshops & Webinars
  • Sending invitations
  • Creating Eventbrite pages, landing pages on website, advertising on social media


  • Design infographics and colourful content to share on social media to enhance engagement
  • Create banners for use on social media and the website
  • Design leaflets and brochures for sales staff and events
  • Designing adverts to be printed in magazines
  • Plan and create new signature strip adverts


  • Private medical/dental insurance
  • On-site parking
  • Company events & social hours

Job Types: Full-time, Permanent

Salary: ?18,000.00 to ?20,000.00 /year

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