BT Announces Cancellation of Your Phone Lines! What YOU Need to do Next…


BT have announced they will no longer be accepting any new ISDN orders. (These are your existing phone lines).

This means your organisation must now ensure the correct data/broadband link is installed to run your phone calls over. As BT’s Wholesale Partner we are contacting you to let you know the next steps to take and answer a few questions you may have.


Q. Is this going to cost me more money?

A. Hopefully not! See below how we can help.

i. The ongoing monthly rental for each voice channel is a lot less than current ISDN line rentals.

ii. Matrix247 are waiving installation fees for organisations that wish to choose us during the month of September. This saves circa £60 per phone line each year.

iii. Matrix247 are waiving ANY on-going monthly landline and UK mobile phone call charges.


Q. Will I need a new phone system?

A. Probably not. Depends on your existing phone system. You may need to upgrade the software on your phone system, to accept the latest Sip\Voip voice services delivered over your business broadband link. Or, you may wish to take the opportunity to look at available options suitable for your organisation so no further annual maintenance fees need be paid.


Q. I have struggled through Covid-19 lockdown diverting customer calls to homebased staff, can this help?

A. Definitely, as you now have the option to connect via your new voice broadband link to cloud-based telephony.


Q. Will my new broadband links be more secure and most importantly be more reliable than my current ISDN phone lines?

A. Yes, providing the correct business-grade voice-only dedicated voice -link is deployed. Matrix247 can help you understand and choose the correct one once we understand your current set-up a little more.


Q. Why upgrade with Matrix247 and what experience do you have?

A. Glad you asked! Ok…here are a few points.

i. An established BT Whole Partner for over 20 years.

ii. Thousands of upgrades completed already.

iii. We can step-by-step guide you through options and what we would recommend. Once we have had a brief phone call with you, a report and proposal can be sent to you. Compare this with existing telecom suppliers and you will see, through all the initiatives we are providing, why organisations are choosing to partner with their new team at Matrix247.


Next Steps:

Contact us and we will establish what you need by a non-obligatory report and proposal.  But please hurry – this offer is only until the end of September! Let us get to work as soon as possible, and see how we compare with your existing supplier with a complimentary upgrade. Leave your details below and we will be in touch.