Thieves are stealing cyclist' bikes using apps that track their routes.

on Thursday, 12 January 2017.

Are you a keen cyclist using social media apps such as Strava, Endomondo or MapMyRide to track your route? If so, you may be giving thieves all the information they need to know the value of your bike.

These mobile apps allow cyclists to post their route online and where they start/finish which is most likely their homes. Therefore, you're giving thieves the chance to track down your top-of-the-range bikes to your sheds and garages. 

The mapping software on these high rated cycling apps record all kind of details including distance, time and speed which indicates the quality of the bike you're riding. You can also choose to tell your friends on the app the make and model of your bike which is building an idea to a thief the price of your bike. 

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 We urge ALL cyclists to check their settings to make sure personal details are not publicly available. 

Sergeant Adrian Thompson of Poole Police has said: "The majority of thefts have come from garages and sheds, which is a change from previous cycle crime issues where we had a high quantity of thefts from bike racks and shops."

"We think social apps that track a cyclist's route are contributing. The apps effectively tell thieves the route you ride, the number of times a week you go, how long you're out of the house and most importantly where you start and finish from."

"It's not a case that the whole road gets targeting, it's often just one shed that the thieves are going into and coming out with a £3,000 bike."

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