The Best Telephone System for Estate Agents

best telephone system for estate agents

Estate agencies need a reliable telephony system to ensure they hit their sales targets. In such a competitive industry, calls to estate agents must be put through quickly in order to secure a sale. A reliable telephone system is crucial in most sectors, however, in such a sales driven sector this is even more important.

Estate agencies have multiple pressures to contend with on a daily basis. Therefore, the telephone system they use must be up to the challenge.

The process of buying, renting and selling property requires quick and clear communication. With buyers and tenants frantically searching for properties, a missed call could mean a missed opportunity. If your estate agency has multiple office locations, it is important to have a telephone system which will quickly allow clients to get through to the correct office. As a result, this is a crucial requirement to stay ahead of the competition.


  • Never miss an enquiry
  • Enhance client satisfaction by integrating to your CRM so you can greet clients by their name
  • Answer calls away from the office via mobile devices through intelligent call routing
  • Track call performance across multiple branches
  • Monitor and improve the way your staff interact with clients
  • Improve work-life balance for staff
  • Reduce call expenditure

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Call recording is essential to estate agents. To clarify, a misheard quote or fee could cause long delays in the buying process and directly impact profits. Estate agents are often out of the office meaning they must be able to make and take calls whilst on the move. This flexibility means that estate agents are able to work as efficiently as possible to secure their sales.

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