Full fibre broadband connections offer the fastest and most reliable speeds available. The government is committed to a vision of a full fibre Britain and so has introduced the £67m Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme. Gigabit vouchers are available to small and medium organisations to benefit from the installation cost of a gigabit-capable connection as part of the 1GB Scheme. BUT, 70% of this funding has already been claimed – claim yours today!


  • Free Installation
  • 1GB Superfast Fibre Broadband Speeds
  • Improved Upload & Download Speeds

By entering your organisation postcode, we can inform you of the options below with the associated monthly investments. If you also tick the 'Current Speed' option, we will send you what investment should be made against the speed you currently have, to compare to what you're paying now.

10MG50MG100MG1GBCurrent Speed

Eventhough you may be mid-way through a current contract, Matrix247 may still be able to CLAIM your ?2,500 now so it's ready and reserved for several months in the future, or Matrix247 MAY be able to justify a buy-out swap over a lot sooner than you could imagine... try us!

What is a gigabit connection?

The UK now has 95% coverage for superfast broadband with speeds of 24 megabits per second or higher. However, most superfast connections still depend on copper telephone wires, which are limited in the speeds they can support.

One gigabit is the same as 1,000 megabits, so it’s a big leap forward in connection speeds that could benefit you and your business into the future. Full fibre also allows your upload and download speeds to be the same.

Is your business eligible for the scheme?

You can apply if your business?

  • Has up to 249 employees
  • Turnover of less than £50 million and/or
  • A balance sheet of less than £43 million
  • You must not have received more than the permitted amount of de minimis aid in the last 3 years.

With significant demand from organisations across the country, funding has been reduced. The maximum claimable allowance for connection was £3,000 but is now £2,500. The Government anticipated the £67m would enable the scheme to run until Q1 2021. The full budget will be fully allocated much sooner, meaning many organisations will miss out.